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  • Mathias Harrer. Maintainer.

  • Paula Kuper. Author.

  • Antonia Sprenger. Author.

  • Pim Cuijpers. Author.


Source: inst/CITATION

Harrer, M., Kuper, P., Sprenger, A. & Cuijpers, P. (2022). metapsyTools: Several R Helper Functions For the "Metapsy" Database. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6566632.

  title = {{metapsyTools}: Several {R} Helper Functions For The {"Metapsy"} Database},
  author = {Mathias Harrer and Paula Kuper and Antonia Sprenger and Pim Cuijpers},
  year = {2022},
  url = {https://tools.metapsy.org},